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Updated May 2020

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Gauquelin Data Online C.U.R.A. (The University Center for Astrological Research ) has made available all of the Gauquelins' data, corrected and updated from the long- out-of-print laboratory monographs. All data is in text form suitable for use as fixed-length ASCII files. Also included is the introductory and explanatory text from the original monographs. The C.U.R.A. site also publishes a voluminous amount of material covering a wide range of astrological issues and interests.
Astrodatabank The best researched and most comprehensive astrological database available, with emphasis on contemporary subjects. Check out Astrodatbank software, which allows you to query the database, including astrological and biographical parameters. The software includes Gauquelin sectors along with other astrological parameters.

The Journal of Scientific Exploration This publication explores issues at the edge of science, but with a scientific rigor rarely displayed in so-called skeptic publications. Check out abstracts for the article by Ertel and Irving on Biased Data Selection in Mars Effect Research, with a reply by Kurtz, Nienhuys and Sandhu, Is the Mars Effect Genuine? , and a final rejoinder by Ertel and Irving The Mars Effect is Genuine - On Kurtz, Nienhuys, and Sandhu's Missing the Evidence More to the point, read the articles themselves in the order given above. This was an exhange initiated by Ertel and myself with Kurtz et al ("Biased Data Selection..."), based on new evidence of selection bias in CSICOP's controversy-ridden study of the Mars effect for sports champions. The Kurtz rejoinder ("Is the Mars Effect Genuine") is often posted by itself on skeptic sites and publications without the context (much less the mention) of our first article, and our follow-up ("The Mars Effect is Genuine"). PS - As I am reworking planetos.org over the next few months, the information in this link will be expanded to relate the "bias coverup" incident in more detail.  


Jim Lippard's Mars-Effect Chronology Download


You'll find a great deal here about the Mars effect controversy. I've made the link to the first page rather than the astrological material because the site is an interesting resource in general.

Project Hindsight Background, articles and ordering information for books and tapes produced by this project to translate ancient astrology texts into English.
ARHAT Publications and related information for the Association for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts.
Vic Mansfield's Pages "Relating science and the inner life." Browse this late scientist's site, and do check out "An Astrophysicist's Sympathetic and Critical View of Astrology"

Report of An Interesting Experiment. In the English section at the website of Ciro Discepolo (the rest is in Italian), he outlines some interesting results using the Gauquelin heredity data involving child/parent Ascendant/Sun signs. Details are not given, but he refers to a book where they can be found.
Astrology & Science Skeptical articles on astrology, with emphasis on the writing and opinions of Geoffrey Dean. Their cross link to this site is wrong and therefore only returns an error message. No argument about the need for update, but for the rest, readers may form their own judgments.

Sarah Klein Ridgley The complete text of Ridgley's groundbreaking Ph.D. thesis, Astrologically Predictable Patterns In Work Related Injuries