The Tenacious Mars Effect
Table of Contents

Foreword by Jim Lippard
Preface and Acknowledgments

The Mars Effect Controversy (Kenneth Irving)

  1. Planetarius Nuncius
  2. The Gauquelin Research Program
    1. The Professional Studies
    2. The Heredity Studies
    3. The Character Trait Studies
  3. The Controversy, Phase I: [We] Have Studied the Question A Priori
  4. Phase II: sTARBABY and the Anti-Mars Effect
  5. A Referee Settles the Dispute
  6. Phase III: Mars Leaves Skeptics in the Lurch
  7. Mars Effect - The Next Generation

     Annotated References

The Tenacious Mars Effect (Suitbert Ertel)

1. Overview
2. The Benefits of Eminence Trend Tests
    2.1 First Benefit: Uncertainties removed
    2.2 Second Benefit: Independent evidence for planetary effects

3. The Eminence Trend in each of Skeptics’ Pooled Samples

    3.1 Hypothesis
    3.2 Procedure
    3.3 Results

4. The Eminence Trend in each of the Skeptic’s Samples

    4.1 The CP’s study and its puzzle
    4.2 The CSICOP’s study and its puzzle
       sideline: differences and sports categories
    4.3 The CFEPP’s study and its puzzle
      4.3.1 Ad(1) CFEPP’s report on eminence
      4.3.2 Ad(2) An eminence test of the CFEPP’s data

5. Testing the Mars Effect without Eminence Subdivisions

    5.1 Six possible definitions of controls
    5.2 Overall randomization of the skeptics’ data

6. Conclusion

Appendix 1 (Suitbert Ertel)

The Latest Act
Mars Effect Uncovered in Skeptics’ Data
1. The Mars Effect Manifested in the CFEPP’s Data
2. The CFEPP’s Analysis of Their Data

2.1 No eminence subdivision
2.2 Less sensitive sector definition
2.3 Wrong chance expectation
3. Biased Sampling of Data
4. Discussion Notes References

Appendix 2 (Abridged by Kenneth Irving from a Compilation by Jim Lippard)

Skeptics and the Mars Effect
A Chronology of Events and Publications
Dramatis Personae
Chronicle of Events

Appendix 3 (Suitbert Ertel)

Chronology of Events Related to the CFEPP Investigation of the Mars Effect
Dramatis Personae
Mode of Communication

Appendix 4 (Rudolf Smit) Some Astronomical Facts of Mars

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